Proud to serve the Knoxville and East Tennessee Area


We stand for Quality, Integrity, and Affordability. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We will not stop until we have exceeded your expectations. Dedicated to going the distance for our customers. Isn't it time you experienced what true customer service should feel like again? Dedicated to preserving the American Dream, one property at a time.


Meet Bobby

Bobby is a dedicated family man and an avid outdoorsman who loves to work with the community. This business is his dream. He has 20 years of experience in customer service, waterproofing, landscaping, and hardscaping. He grew up in rural Kentucky and still believes in doing business with a handshake.


Meet Angela

Angela left the medical field to pursue her dream business career. Now, with Angela as an owner, Ewing Hardscapes LLC is a woman-owned business.


We're passionate about making your yard look spectacular.

We strive to accommodate and meet the needs of every customer no matter how big or small the job. We pride ourselves on our professionalism, efficiency, and performance. We are here to exceed your every expectation and need! We have over 20 years of experience in landscaping, hardscaping, indoor and outdoor services! Don't hesitate to give us a call or simply book on this website to receive a free estimate on any of your home's outdoor needs!

30% off any outdoor kitchen and/or custom fire pits installation! 10% off any other indoor or outdoor service!

Now that the winter weather has arrived, are you looking for a company to do some work on the indoor/outdoor part of your home, perhaps to get a headstart on a new look that is both practical and exquisite for your outdoor space before next spring? Maybe you are wanting to get a quality, custom fire pit for a reasonable price without the long installation. No problem! You have come to the right place! We can have it installed in 2 days, just in time for Thanksgiving. If you are ready to make this holiday season stand out for years to come, act now! We are offering 30% all outdoor kitchens and fire pits installations! Call now or text us at 865-985-2456 to schedule a free estimate today.

Now that I have piqued your interest, it's time to ask the burning question...What sets Ewing Hardscapes LLC apart from any other landscaping or hardscaping company in East Tennessee?

The answer is a simple, honest one. We offer not only landscaping and hardscaping services but we also have the staff and 20 years of experience to offer water and erosion control, waterproofing, regrading (equipped with our own equipment), retaining walls, flagstone and paver walkways and patios, outdoor kitchens, firepits, landscape lighting, mulching (see more services, not limited to, below) practically any outdoor service a home owner would ever need!

The owners are passionate about their vision, which is a old fashioned value instilled by their families of how business should be conducted with honor, integrity and hard work. They scrutinize every aspect to the minute detail. Our motivation is simple. We are, most importantly, out for the best interest of our customers. We believe in doing whatever it takes literally to make the customer happy.

Our skill, experience, professionalism and quality of work is exceptional and ensured by our owners down to every hire. If you are still skeptical that's ok, at least allow us to give you a free estimate and the opportunity to serve you. I'm sure we will put your mind at ease.